Andy Umi Sexton • House of Representatives District 24

Andy Umi Sexton
House of Representatives
District 24

Andy Umi Sexton is focused on improving the renewable energy and kupuna health programs for Hawai’i’s people. He is passionate about keiki care for the working household and the cleanup of the streams, roadways, and water drainage. He also supports forest inventory EA on evasive plants that overtake native plants. Sexton was on the board for the homeless shelter in Nanakuli and is dedicated to following in his mother’s footsteps of helping those less fortunate and displaced while in office. He believes that under the 5 Principles of the Aloha Āina Party, Hawai’i can thrive. 

Sexton was born in Bakersfield, California and raised on the Sequoia Indian reservation. He is a direct descendant Umialiloa Alohikea Keliiholokai Sexton Alfred, former House of Representative for Kauai.  Sexton sat on the board that created the Native Hawaiian Heath web site for the Federal government, was the outreach director for the Pacific Peace and Justice center's in China Town as well as University of Hawaii and worked with the establishment of the Native Hawaiian Church that helps inmates in Haleiwa, Waiawa, and Laumaka practice their traditional ways of life along with opening and closing ceremonies of the Makahiki behind bars. He is also the current president of the Order Of Kamehameha 1. Sexton was inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame in 2009 as the ambassador of blues for the State of Hawaii and is The Native Hawaiian Blues Association founder. He is a divorced father of 4 boys, 4 girls, and has 14 grandchildren.