Jonathan Ho'omanawanui
District 2

Jonathan Ho'omanawanui Congress District 2

“If we can see with the eyes God has given us,
and see with political eyes, we will have two interpretations.”
— Jonathan Ho'omanawanui

"Dear, friends of Jonathan Ho'omanawanui. I am running for Congress District 2, which includes West districts of Oahu as well as the North shore districts. Keeping in mind all the outer islands fall within District 2, to include: Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lana’i and the Big Island (Hawaii).
With your support I believe I can better the community we live in.  I truly am asking that we come together and vote for the person and not along the party lines. Let’s make 2020 different. It’s about time we take back the government and community we live in. Too many chances have been given to politicians who make promises and when elected, they become the system and not the voice of the people."

Why I deserve the candidacy: "I have the experience. I have stormed Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. along with 1.7 million VFW members annually. I visited all of Hawaii’s representatives lobbying to pass and propose issues that we believe are important. The most recent Bill passed included (Bluewater Navy Act 299.) Besides on several occasions, I have spoken with Tulsi Gabbard and remembered the questions concerning filing VA disability benefits on behalf of our veterans.
I have volunteered since 2010 and moved up through elections and chairs. I am currently serving a final term as the VFW Western Conference Chairman, placing me as spokesperson for 16 States. Lastly, I have ran for House Representative District 14 during the 2104 elections."

How we may accomplish the mission: "In order to accomplish the mission, we need leadership, trust & accountability. We depend on resources, research and the ability to prioritize. We develop timelines, the budget and man hours. Ideally, I believe in maintaining VA benefits, improving elderly healthcare, public safety and the homeless programs, as well as other hot topics within my jurisdiction."

Supporting the campaign: "I will always place the people above and beyond my own expectations/agenda. I may not be the most popular candidate in the House; however, I will continue to press forward believing it is the peoples votes that put me here in Congress."

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