Citlalli Johanna Decker House of Representatives District 5

Citlalli Johanna Decker
House of Representatives
District 5

Johanna was born in El Paso, Texas and was raised on the outskirts in the towns of Montana Vista, and Socorro. She graduated top ten percent of her class in 2009 from the same high school as both of her parents, Socorro High School. She is also a proud alumni of the International Thespian Society and of Full Sail University.

Being raised in the desert of a border town by her working class family, instilled in Johanna the values of hard work, compassion and self-reliance. She went on to work and live in Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio before moving to her husband’s hometown in Hawai’i. She has traveled through most of the United States, sometimes on a mission, sometimes on a whim, all by working as a low voltage technician and picking up other side jobs.

Johanna believes in fair pay for fair work, respect of all human rights, learning from all cultures and the magnificent power of love and faith.