Desmon Haumea

House of Representatives
District 4

Desmon Haumea Founder House of Representatives District 4

“I will not provide political western thought process
of making political promises but follow along
the path set forth by Kupuna guideways
to correct where many western minded
modalities are infiltrating our heritage.”
Desmon Haumea

Desmon Haumea is focused on correct education and medical care of Hawaiʻi’s people and de-centralizing government control. He is passionate about an integrated medical campus, tax incentives for agricultural programs and creating a laboratory for stainability. Under his leadership, he hopes to implementa humanitarian plan in Hawai’i’s district 4. Haumea has participated in crisis management, youth development, monthly community food distribution, and spiritual guidance efforts within the community. 

Haumea was born in Hilo, Hawai’i, raised in Keaukaha and Puna. He is a descendant of Na Ohana Haumea and a high-ranking member of the royal order of Kamehameha. He attended Waikea Kai, Keaukaha, Hilo Intermediate, Hilo High,Kaplan University, Polynesian Voyaging Society-Hokulea, and Maritime Academy. Haumea is an Educational Specialist at Mt. View Elementary School Hawks and works at research assistant at John A. Burns School of Medicine. He is also a Kumu Aʻo at Kukui Hale Restorative Health Center and Mauliʻola Consultants. He is married and has a daughter, Kukui and son, Te-Moana-nui-a-Hiva.

"To look and move forward we must often first look to the past and where we came from.  We must look to our kūpuna (ancestors) for examples, guidance, and inspiration.  The greatest legacy and gift that we have received from our kūpuna is Aloha.  As a political party we will advocate for healthcare, education, jobs, economy, affordable housing, and a better quality of life for everyone.  In addition, we will not only protect, but steward the land understanding the connection between kānaka (people) and ʻāina (land).  

The Aloha ʻĀina Party will stand, recognize, and advocate for Aloha as our greatest hope and strength.  Aloha is the greatest force in creation, stronger then fear and hate.  The Aloha ʻĀina Party is not simply a political party, it is a movement, a movement powered by Aloha.  A movement of hope for real change towards a brighter day.  May Aloha be both our sword and shield.

Mai kūpuna mai
Generation to generation
May we continue to walk in the footsteps of our kūpuna."

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