Erik Ho
House of Representatives
District 51

Erik Ho House of Representatives District 51

Erik Ho is focused on protecting the land and water resources from exploitation and development, and increasing community activity and engagement in political process. He is passionate about collaboration between various groups to reorganize our economy and divest from tourism. Under his leadership Ho hopes to lessen requirements for expanding solar energy generation and battery storage capacity on residential properties as well as providing the unhoused in Oahu’s 51st district with access to food distribution and medical checkups. He believes that under the 5 Principles of the Aloha Āina Party, Hawai’i can thrive. 

Ho was born and raised on Oahu and has an AA in liberal arts an BA in Geography from University of Hawaii at Manoa. He was selected for Senior Airman Below the Zone (E-4) six months ahead of peers while in the US Air Force and received the Air Force Achievement Award for supporting airlift efforts in support of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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