J. Kahala Chrupalyk House of Representatives District 9

J. Kahala Chrupalyk
House of Representatives
District 9

Kahala Chrupalyk comes from a diverse background and is sensitive to the needs of the community. People consult Kahala for solutions to personal and professional needs. Self-discipline and observance allow Kahala to see things from multiple perspectives, producing results based upon critical research. Born in Philadelphia during a time of political unrest, Kahala was given a first hand experience of civic servitude in many capacities. Academic achievement offered a progressive education immersing Kahala into many cultured social systems, offering positions in leadership and development for twenty-five years.

Kahala returned to her maternal roots with three children in 2013 to honor her grandmotherʻs wishes to return home. Of her three children, Shawn is a twenty-one year old child psychology major, citing that Hawaiʻi has a shortage of these services for our children. Leilani is a seventeen year old in her second year and is an aspiring neurosurgeon. Kahalaʻs youngest child is an aspiring farmer and carpenter.

One observation Kahala identified how many opportunities exist for local solutions that are often overlooked, stagnating the foundations of Hawaiʻiʻs working communities. Our people matter. Kahala is listening and actively engaging in solutions. Whether she sees you everyday or hears your story through a cousin or neighbor, Kahala is there with you and working for you.

With Kahala Chrupalyk, we will rebuild our small business and working class community, and look into solutions to homelessness that meet our people on terms that bring the common unity back into our community.

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