Luana Alapa • OHA Trustee Molokai

Luana Alapa
OHA Trustee

Luana Alapa is focused on affordable housing and sustainable agriculture for Hawai’i’s people. She is passionate about healthcare, especially for Kupuna and giving private school education to all Hawaiian children. Under her leadership and through her position in OHA Alapa hopes to improve these aspects for the people of Molokai. For several years, she has participated in several food drives especially with Food Bank Hawaii and was the lead coordinator in bringing hot meals to Molokai for Kupuna and needy families during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She believes that under the 5 Principles of the Aloha Āina Party, Hawai’i can thrive. 

Alapa was born on the U. S. Naval base in Agana, Guam where her father Stanley Alapa, who served in the Military as an Air traffic controller, was stationed. Her and her sisters were raised by divorced parents between Molokai and Laie, Oahu. Alapa is the niece of the late Dr. George Kanahele, a graduate of Kamehameha Schools, who obtained his Ph.D in Political Science from Cornell. His passion was bringing about transformative change in the hospitality industry. He was also recognized as a distinguished historian and author of several books on Hawaiian values and traditional music. She is a graduate of Kamehameha schools herself and holds a bachelors degree in psychology from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Alapa was bestowed the honor of being crowned Miss Hawaii 1987 and had the privilege and the opportunity to travel the world promoting Hawai‘i and sharing her talent and culture with people everywhere. As a self-reliant, motivated Hawaiian woman, for the past 20 years she has embarked on statewide workshops teaching young woman through her inspirational messages on self-empowerment and maintaining a positive mindset. Alapa is a mother of two, 19 year old Marcus Kaniaulono Hee, and Kyla Kauilani Eleanor Hee. She also became legal mother to two native Hawaiian siblings, Hiilani Haili -Finau, married and mother of two, and son Matthew Haili both of Papakolea, Oahu.